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Water Conservation

Water Conservation is something we take very seriously at Autowash Express. That may sound funny coming from a business that relies on water as much as we do. But did you know that when you wash your car at home you’ll use on average about 120 to 175 gallons of water for each wash? In comparison, Autowash Express uses only 11-12 gallons of fresh water per vehicle. In fact, our state-of-the-art computer system that controls the flow of water and its usage, in addition to our high tech nozzle systems, is so efficient the City of Raleigh has even certified Autowash Express to operate during stage 2 water restrictions!

To learn more about water conservation efforts in the car wash industry follow the links below:

Water Use in the Professional Car Wash Industry
This two-year study is designed to assess both water usage including the impact of evaporation and carryout, and wastewater quality including solid waste. The principle objective of this study is to determine the volume difference between fresh water consumed and wastewater discharged while quantifying the average water consumption per vehicle by professional car washes.

Water Conservation in the Professional Car Wash Industry Report
Commissioned by the International Carwash Association on behalf of water regulators and the car care industry, this report was written by Chris Brown, a respected water conservation consultant and former regulator. Prompted by water use restrictions imposed in the United States, the report summarizes the existing state of reclaim and water conservation technology in the car care industry.

International Car Wash Association

Southeastern Car Wash Association

North Carolina Professional Car Washers Association

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